About Us

Welcome to Shop Faithfully Planted!

The Faithfully Planted Shop offers a line of faith-based and truth-filled products for the Christian woman who wants to remind herself of God's goodness & share the Gospel with the world. 

Our products feature beautiful, simple designs on high-quality products. 10% of each purchase is donated to ministries that focus on expanding the reach of the Gospel by going into unreached nations, working to eradicate human trafficking and supporting foster care & adoption efforts. 

Faithfully Planted was created by Ashley Nicole Harris, a Christian Blogger + Writer with a passion and a burden for helping other women plant deep roots in Christ and grow in their faith.

She struggled for many years to achieve any kind of deep spiritual growth for herself and once she learned how she couldn't keep that quiet!

She is committed to helping other women who may also be struggling and reminding them that they are loved, seen & known by the Creator of the universe. 

She felt God leading her to share her past mistakes, her trials, her struggles, and her knowledge with other women so they too might cultivate a deeply rooted life and thus, the Faithfully Planted blog was born.

The shop was added in 2019 as a way to promote truth & remind women of who they are in Christ, while also supporting other ministries that seek to do the same. 

Thanks so much for stopping by! We're so glad you are here. 

Happy Shopping!